To guarantee that every issue is of interest throughout all sectors and regions, Specialist Printing Worldwide does not have an editorial features list. Instead, articles appear in the following categories in each issue to provide the flexibility to cover the most current advances of the whole process covering digital, pad and screen printing:

Pre Press:

The process up to when the printing commences.

On Press:

The printing operation.

Post Press:

The process after printing


All aspects related to substrates used in the printing process.

Health, Safety and Environment:

Legislation and other matters.


Previews and reviews of the latest technological advances presented at the major exhibitions, conferences and seminars in the specialist printing world during 2018.


Overall Technology:

Broad general articles covering the print process.

In brief:

The industry’s latest technical developments.

Company Focus:

A profile on a supplier to the industry who is at the forefront of technical advances.


Sponsored by the CSGIA and CSPIA and distributed to their members and throughout the region, a fifth issue of Specialist Printing Worldwide is published entirely in Chinese language to appeal to the dynamic Chinese market.