As Darren James, Director at Screentec said when asked about the new machines; “We are known for putting colour on almost anything! And that is exactly what these printers do. Some regular jobs such as printing on glass to then be backlit used to take 40 minutes, now this sort of project is taking just 9 minutes. In fact, a recent job printing on Corex, which we were proud to have managed to get down to 10 minutes; is now slashed to 2½ minutes with these new JETRIX printers.” 

Darren continues, “Our lead technician is good; and these machines enable him to manage a suite of equipment at the same time including cutter, folders and finishers too which is almost like watching a conductor with an orchestra. It is astounding how much quicker the white print is on these printers compared to what we had before. This is largely down to the inks, which while cheaper than our previous ones, all have a similar viscosity and therefore when printing white it allows for quicker printing without compromising on the opacity. Whereas before we may have had to put down several layers, we can now put 400% density and create a far better finish. This is a great benefit, as we have found other manufacturers have to thicken their white to achieve a more opaque finish.” 

“Another element that we are appreciating more and more is the statistics side. This is giving us greater insight into the actual time and cost of producing jobs. Practically this means we can review every aspect and therefore in a way these printers are enabling us to transform the business and how we approach costings. This includes now being able to offer ‘mix and match’ cost for our regular customers. This is based on quotes by the sheet and then per unit produced depending on the amount of cutting and finishing required. This makes quoting so much more simple and accurate.”

JETRIX LXi6 Arrival

Practically, from the very first moment these printers were installed Screentec have seen the benefits. Their very first job on Dibond would in reality of not even been possible on their previous kit and this is just one of many examples of what they have been able to achieve since the printers were installed. As Ben Woodruff, Head of JETRIX UK Sales highlights; “It is so good to see a business so actively embrace everything these printers can do. Then being able to work with them to be able to help them take their business to a new level. The combination of the printers’ versatility in terms of what they can print on, with the quality of the inks, the ease of use and then topped off with the level to insights that can be obtained is fantastic to see in action in such a great business like Screentec.”