Dr Markus Kleebauer

Dr Markus Kleebauer Project Manager Functional Surfaces

These changes offer participants an innovative program, diverse topics and presentations from international experts. The recognized speakers from science, authorities and companies provide updates and impulses on the following subjects:

• Updates on recent legal developments in Europe, Germany and Denmark

• GMP Guidance and Halal production of paper and board

• Update on Titanium dioxide

• Ingredients like BPS in thermal papers or perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)    in P&B

• Analytical results for release of substances (PFAS, BPA/BPS,        Pergafast201; Aluminum, Chloropro-panols)

• Optimization of packaging through software-based prediction of shelf life

• Expert Discussions and exchange of ideas

With the combination of English conference language and online, the event is aimed at an international participant as well as at R&D, production managers, QM representatives, buyers, sales representatives, and engineers at the same time, for whom the current developments in food contact materials are relevant.

Short information:

• Date: 03.03. bis 04.03.2021

• Type: Online Event

• conference language: English

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