So where are we now? Well, many companies have adapted and revisited their strategies and rewired their plans. There are a few still holding fast until they see what develops but the majority are moving forward fast and grasping new opportunities to engage with their customers through social media channels, websites and media publications. Some are looking at exhibitions online!

Printing-Expo HP

You may be thinking an online exhibition can never replace a live event - that live events are bound to come back, and you will tread water until then. Well okay, but why not take a look at and see if in the meantime you can bridge the gap? This is an online exhibition that is different from the rest - it’s a unique 3D visual browsing experience.

The technology is cloud based and ahead of the game. This is not a series of web pages or videos filmed on an iPhone where you have to click in and click out. This is the real deal! It is also environmentally friendly and cost effective, exciting and easily accessible. Printing Expo’s virtual exhibition provides a unique showcase for any company’s products and services in an arena that is branded and stylised specifically for them.

For visitors it’s an exciting and new way to see and hear about the latest industry innovations and technologies. Every visitor is a VIP. For exhibitors and their marketing teams, Printing Expo is a unique opportunity to adapt the stand they already have into a fully interactive 3D online model or design the stand of their dreams with creative concepts, a diversity of architecture and private and public spaces. With Printing Expo’s immersive online 3D visual browsing experience, exhibitors can engage with visitors by populating their stand with a range of interactive content, demonstrations and 1-1 opportunities where they can answer questions and give business advice. This is an opportunity to fulfil plans and move forward.

At Printing Expo, companies can invite the media to exclusive press conferences in the dedicated auditorium. For the media it’s the perfect way to keep up to date with all they need to know about the movers and the shakers in our industries without leaving the office. They can Pin the Tab on their devices, join the conferences and keep up with the latest updates anywhere, anytime!!

This unique online exhibition has been designed on a ‘real world’ scale bringing true reality to each and every physical aspect. provides a genuine visitor experience akin to a live show with the added bonus of being able to drop in and see the show any time, any place. This format allows visitors to explore a complete virtual exhibition hall and benefit from all that a live show offers. The opportunities are limitless. Come and Join us.