Neos Vision System 2
Vision System Software Interface

Vision System Technology is a special module that can be installed on all NEOS printing machines. What differentiates it from other systems on the market is the very high resolution combined with a wide print width: the combination of these two factors therefore generates an extremely versatile tool available to companies, which can be used from the first stage of setup to final printing process.

Specifically, this hardware/software solution makes it possible to identify certain aspects of the printed image, in order to reduce or eliminate the most common problems of inkjet printing during the process itself: loss of print register, lack of tone homogeneity and unexpected closure of the nozzles.

Print register describes the correct overlap between the images printed by the various color bars; in case of problems, a test is performed which is recognized by Vision System Technology, which intervenes by calculating the longitudinal displacements of the various print heads and the appropriate changes to bring the system back to register, all during the printing phases with the possibility of correcting the defects automatically.

To ensure homogeneity of the tone, or the correct equalization on the entire print width of each color bar, Vision System Technology calculates and executes the necessary corrections to ensure maximum uniformity of the latter. If there is a malfunction of the nozzles during ejection phase, which could compromise the quality of the product obtained, the special NEOS vision system intervenes by recognizing which nozzles are behaving in a not optimal manner, intervening on the graphics in order to minimize the deviation of the print head. Vision System Technology is therefore a cutting-edge technology that improves the print quality of high-speed single-pass inkjet printing with the highly reliable piezo print head technology, underling the great potential of NEOS and its continuous evolution from a technological point of view.