Launched in December, Epson customers across Europe can now access multi-lingual Epson technical experts based in EISC+ to develop, test and demonstrate products and bespoke solutions. At a time when physical meetings or interactions remain challenging, EISC + offers new ways to host personal meetings with business partners, make new contacts and explore new technologies through a physical and virtual showroom, tv studio or even an exhibition booth. 

Volker Spanier, Head of Robotic Solutions at Epson in the EMEAR region, explains: “We are all having to get used to new ways of working and interacting with each other. For Epson, working with our customers and partners is an essential part of our business which is why I’m proud that the new generation EISC + provides enhanced access and improved support for customers and partners. The space offers an innovative way to experience our products first-hand with bespoke advice from our experts while also listening to our customers’ and partners’ needs.” 

Epson virtual Ind solutions 2

Epson’s EISC+ was rolled out in November with its first virtual event showcasing Epson’s robotic solutions. Epson invited robot distributors to experience first-hand the possibilities that the space offers to view products and test new solutions. Their feedback was resoundingly positive and the distributors described their impressions of the new offering:

Paul Johan, Managing Director at Hupico bvba from Belgium, explains: “The flexible, hybrid nature of this space is ideal for explaining the extensive Epson robot and automation portfolio and means we are not bound by time and can react quickly. This is a great opportunity, and we are very much looking forward to trying this out with Benelux customers."

Filippe Carrondo, Managing Director of EPL Mecatrónica from Portugal, adds: “The advantages of the EISC + are clear and we already have customers in mind who would benefit from a studio session. With the opportunity to integrate our own local content into the centre, we are able to win new customers as well as convince existing ones of new solutions."

Guilio Zunino, Business Development Manager at Sinta s.r.l. Italy, says: “Unlike other virtual booths, this space means we are able to present applications that we might not even be able to do 

ourselves due to lack of space or unavailability of products. The concept opens up a new world for us, and we are confident of the benefits.” 

The EISC+ concept was brought to life by Format Werbeart, a long-term partner of Epson. Interested retail partners can register their preferred date on a website specially developed for this application which can be visited here.