Revolutionary Labelsaver (DtS) to debut at Drupa 2024

The LabelSaver is a direct-to-shape (DtS) inkjet platform, with robotic handling system, using aqueous inks. It has come about due to a collaborative effort with K-Flow Consulting (3D81–5) in process development, O&PM Europa in aqueous primers and ideeGO (3D81–4) in inkjet integration. This innovative system marks a significant advancement in digital-printing technology. The LabelSaver offers unparalleled capabilities for printing DtS onto non-porous substrates, such as plastics, compounds and metals. It uses both aqueous and UV-curable inks, with an intended output range of between 300–800 articles per hour.

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13th May 2024
Company, 2024 Q2, Inkjet Printer
Labelsaver image

A highlight of the LabelSaver (direct-to-shape (DtS) inkjet machine is its use of a revolutionary primer, developed by O&PM Europa. This primer instantly fixes and cures aqueous inks, enabling seamless printing directly onto shaped articles. This groundbreaking approach eliminates the need for traditional labelling or in-mould decoration methods. It opens up new possibilities for customisation, efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, the machine can print UV-curable topcoats for embossing effects. The LabelSaver shown at drupa, is configured with near-infrared (NIR) units from Lambda Technology (hall 3, D81–7), printheads from Seiko Instruments (hall 5, C30), electronics and image-processing software from Meteor (hall 7, AD3).

Additionally, inksupply systems from Neatjet (hall 3, D81–6) and UV-LED curing units from IST Intech (hall 3, D81–3). All of these companies contributed to the LabelSaver as part of their joint participation in the ESMA pavilion at drupa. This amalgamation of top-tier components ensures exceptional performance and reliability.

During drupa 2024, the LabelSaver will be demonstrated live on the IPI Inkjet Print Platform, This is part of the ESMA industrial pavilion (hall 3, D81–8). Visitors to the exhibition will have the  opportunity to witness, firsthand, the capabilities of this revolutionary technology during live demonstrations. This will also provide the opportunity to explore the LabelSaver’s potential application across different industry sectors.