Building on the success in the inaugural edition, WrapFest 2024 will place a heightened focus on education and training. Recognising the growing demand for skill development in wrapping, detailing, and the automotive industry, WrapFest has partnered with The Wrap Institute as the official Learning Partner to deliver comprehensive training through workshops, seminars, and hands-on demonstrations. At the show, The Wrap Institute team will share their expertise, developed from years of global installation experience, to provide interactive sessions on the latest techniques, materials, and trends in vinyl installation, supporting seasoned professionals and newcomers alike on building their skill set.

With over 50 exhibitors and 75 brands expected to participate, including 3M, HP, Metamark, and Grafityp, WrapFest 2024 promises to showcase a wide array of business opportunities, products, tools, and solutions for vinyl installers and business owners. From cutting-edge materials to innovative equipment, exhibitors will offer a comprehensive range of resources (i.e. printed paint protection, Architectural film, Window tints, Colour Change film) to help installers stay competitive and efficient in today's market.

The latest developments in the space include colour changing pain protection film (PPF). Textured vinyl wraps are also going to be one to look out for in 2024, with exhibitors showcasing the latest textures available at the expo.

WrapFest showcases a wide range of products, tools, and solutions for vinyl installers, offering visitors access to the newest innovations and technologies from its exhibitors and sponsors. From cutting-edge materials to cutting tools and equipment, exhibitors at WrapFest present an open source of resources to help installers and business owners stay competitive and efficient.

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