Our products

On display is a MultiDX! 320, the «all-in-one» CtS and CtP system.

The MultiDX! is the first choice for printers who have different application needs such as label printers, can, cup and tube printers, glass printers and industrial screen printers with possible resolutions up to 20`000 dpi.

Almost any printing form can be imaged in one machine. Flat and rotary screens, pad printing and embossing clichés, flexo-, letterpress-, and offset plates can be processed.

Lüscher Technologies AG is a market leader in hybrid systems with more than 450 installed MultiDX! worldwide.


We are also exhibiting the unique XPose! internal drum system.

The XPose! range images almost any flexible printing form:

XPose! Hybrid - the all-in-one-solution for rotary screens, letterpress plates, waterless offset plates, flexo printing plates, thermal offset printing plates, conventional offset plates, film, diazo and ablative and varnishing/coating plates

XPose! FlexLine- the dedicated system for digital flexo plates

XPose! SecureLine- a leading system with resolutions up to 20`000 dpi for security and banknote printers

JetScreen! CS


We are also presenting the high-end ultra-compact CtS system JetScreen! CS for the production of screens.

The JetScreen! CS range includes 3 different machine types: JetScreen! CSBasic for textile printing, JetScreen! CS for all standard screen printing applications and JetScreen! CSPlusfor high resolution industrial screen printing applications.

Instead of the standard manual front loading of the screen, the machine can beintegrated in an automatic inline system, e.g with loading magazine, developer and unloading magazine.



In addition, we will be showing application samples and brochures for all other product lines for screen printing at our booth. Screen! Cube – laser CtS system for t-shirt, transfer and garment printers; JetScreen! LT – CtS system for large formats and JetScreen! LT round – direct exposure system for rotary screens.


And there is something more to come….


We look forward to welcoming you at our booth 3A91.