Keypoint Intelligence Unveils Comprehensive Insights into North American Software and Print Industry Trends

Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce the availability of two valuable reports for vendors and investors in the production software space: the 2023 North American Software Investment Outlook Report and the 2023 North American Print MIS/ERP Investment Outlook Report. These reports deliver an in-depth analysis of the current landscape and future investment outlook in the North American printing industry, emphasizing the critical role of technological adoption and strategic innovation.

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3rd Apr 2024
Company, 2024 Q2, Reports
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The 2023 North American Software Investment Outlook Report provides a detailed examination of the printing industry's financial performance, technological advancements, market trends, and the operational challenges confronting print service providers (PSPs), in-plants, and specialized printing firms. It provides insight into how and where PSPs are shifting towards automation, the impact of an aging workforce, and the rapidly increasing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This is an invaluable resource that explores strategic responses to these trends, suggesting actionable recommendations for businesses looking to navigate the evolving landscape.

The 2023 North American Print MIS/ERP Investment Outlook Report highlights the adoption gap of Print MIS and ERP systems between large and small companies, with larger companies leading significantly. By uncovering the primary reasons behind customer reluctance and offering actionable sales and marketing strategies, the report provides comprehensive guidance on product development, positioning, and installation. This ensures optimal alignment with customer needs, positioning you to engage the right customers at the perfect moment using the most effective sales approach.

Greg Cholmondeley, Keypoint Intelligence’s Director of Production Workflow said

"Keypoint Intelligence's latest investment outlook reports illuminate the complex junction at which the North American printing industry currently stands. As we delve into the complexities of technological integration and strategic adaptation, it's clear that the path forward is paved with both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. Our comprehensive analysis is designed to empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that will not only address current industry pain points but also propel their operations into a future defined by efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth."


These reports are essential tools for business leaders, policymakers, and investors, offering a wealth of insights aimed at guiding strategic decision-making in an era marked by rapid technological advancement and shifting market demands. Available for individual purchase or as part of a subscription to Keypoint Intelligence's advisory services, these presentations promise to deliver unparalleled insights into the future of the North American printing industry.

For more information about the 2023 North American Software Investment Outlook Report, or the 2023 North American Print MIS/ERP Investment Outlook Report, please click here.