Labelmaster at Colognia Press

The flexographic printing house Králíček s.r.o. with about 40 employees has been concentrating on self-adhesive labels since the beginning, making them approximately 95% of the production. When moving the company into a new, modern building, the Gallus Labelmaster 340 machine was installed in Hlubočinka – Sulice near Prague in spring 2019 as the first installation of a Labelmaster in the Czech Republic ever. The configuration has a printing width of 340 mm and eight flexo printing units in total, including printing on glue, cold foil and a die-cutting unit. The new installation proves the company`s very good experience with Gallus machines.

Králíček started working with Gallus presses more than ten years ago with the Gallus EM 280 which is still reliably in production. Petr Králíček, the owner of the company KRÁLÍČEK s. r. o., is happy about the new Labelmaster installation: “The development of the jobs we process made us extend our equipment base. Thanks to good relationships and experience we decided for Gallus Labelmaster 340. We were attracted also because it was the first installation in the Czech Republic. The first machine we got from Gallus was the one that enabled us to get to a higher level of label printing.“

The history of the Kolín-based company started already in 1879. At the beginning of the new millennium the first phase of the new investment program took place, especially in the technology area for flexible packaging and self-adhesive and graphic art labels. OTK is a polygraphic giant with various printing technologies and production portfolio covering a wide range of products from flexible packaging, wet glue labels, self-adhesive labels to shrink sleeves. It was  the increase of shrink sleeves production effectiveness, that made them invest in a UV flexographic press Gallus Labelmaster 440, which was installed at the beginning of May 2019. The press with 440 mm printing width with a configuration of nine flexographic printing units, two die-cutting units, printing on glue, cold foil and UV drying system. The new press is not the first Gallus machine in this printing house. OTK Group already runs several machines of the Gallus EM model line.

Colognia Press, a.s.
Colognia Press, a. s. in Kolín employs 130 people and has a focus on the production of special packaging and labels (self-adhesive labels, safety, peel-off and smart labels, clear blank labels, Braille labels, graphic art labels shrink sleeves, etc.) Therefore, their Gallus Labelmaster is the one with the highest possible configuration: the printing width of 440 mm, ten flexographic printing units, hot foil and cold foil unit, non-stop unwinder and rewinder (Martin Automation – it is absolutely the top of its category on the market), 100% inspection, printing on glue, two exchangeable flexo units, two die-cutting units. The company’s choice of the Labelmaster machine is also based on their good experience with other Gallus machines, both the oldest EM 280 and two newer machines of the highest RCS 330 model line. The new Gallus Labelmaster was put into testing operation at the end of 2019.

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