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Picture collage - functional IMD/FIM demo part from TactoTek. Non-conductive IMD/FIM ink systems can be used for back printing of the printed conductive pastes.

NORIPHAN® N2K screen printing ink for IMD/FIM technology

NORIPHAN® N2K is a well-established solvent-based two-component screen printing ink for IMD/FIM technology. The glossy ink system is optimized for processing thin PC films (< 175 µm). Films decorated with NORIPHAN® N2K show no curling effect. Nowadays this IMD/FIM ink system is used especially for printed electronics applications.

The deep black and opaquely formulated color shade NORIPHAN® N2K 953 is suitable for the decoration of touch panels and shows high electrical resistance in capacitive applications.


The NORIPHAN® N2K 953 color shade meets the increased requirements regarding thermal resistance and the demanding hydrolysis test in the automotive industry.

NORIPHAN® N2K ink system is also used for overprinting, embedding and protecting of the sensitive conductive pastes. The ink layers prevent from wash-out effects during the injection molding process. Extensive testing in our R&D lab and application department have shown, that increasing the amount of hardener up to 3-4 %, improves the wash-out resistance of the ink layers significantly. This applies to all color shades in the NORIPHAN® N2K range.

Films printed with NORIPHAN® N2K are perfectly suitable for the IMD/FIM process (In-Mold-Decoration/Film Insert Molding):

- Good formability e.g. high pressure forming or thermoforming

- Excellent temperature and washout resistance during injection molding

- Good and durable bonding with injection molding resins, preferably PC, PC/ABS and silicon rubber resin.

Proell in-mould brushed allu.
Decorative tactile aluminum brush effect, printed with Norilux® DC on a PC film. Second surface decoration including secret-til-lit effect was printed with the IMD/FIM ink system NORIPHAN® HTR N.

Norilux® DC

Norilux® DC is a formable, abrasion and chemically resistant Dual Cure screen printing lacquer. Norilux® DC can be used as protective lacquer or hard coat on PC, PMMA, ABS and PP films. Norilux® DC is ideally suited for first surface coating/protection of products manufactured in IMD/FIM technology. 

The glossy version of the dual cure lacquer can be printed on textured film surfaces to produce abrasion resistant and transparent display windows.

The matt version of Norilux® DC can be printed on uncured transparent hard coat films such as Makrofol® HF 312 to create matt and high gloss effects in one item.

Besides the high glossy Norilux® DC lacquer, various satin gloss, textured and matt grades as well as pigmented and UV stabilized versions are available.

Tactile surface structures e.g. brush effects and 3D patterns can be printed with the highly resistant lacquer. Norilux® DC dries by evaporation of the solvents in jet dryers. Films decorated with Norilux® DC can be 3D formed after box oven drying e.g. by high pressure forming or thermo forming. Afterwards, the formed films must be UV cured. The cured lacquer layer shows excellent resistances to abrasion, chemicals and cleaning agents and passes various creme tests of the automobile industry. 

In automotive interior, center stacks, touch panels and decorative trims are first surface protected with Norilux® DC.

Even mobile phone covers and sanitary panels are overprinted with the highly resistant lacquer. Second surface decoration is printed with the IMD/FIM ink system NORIPHAN® HTR N.

NoriCure® HC-1

NoriCure®HC-1 is an UV-curing screen printing lacquer showing excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. The cured surface of the lacquer resists even strong wipes with steel wool.

The high gloss UV-lacquer is designed for printing on PC films, coated PET films (e.g. Autotype Autoflex EPG 180, Autotex V200), and various rigid PVC films and for overprinting of printed products. 

The lacquer is used to overprint and protect displays, lenses and panels. The cured lacquer shows excellent resistances to chemicals and cleaning agents. Besides the high gloss NoriCure HC-1, matt (NoriCure® HC-1-001) and textured (NoriCure® HC-1-002) as well as UV-stabilized (NoriCure® HC-1-003) versions are available.

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