Proell Backlit display screen
Display panels for outdoor vending machines are potential applications for NoriGlass OR

NoriGlass OR

NoriGlass OR (outdoor resistant) is a new glossy silicone free 2-component glass screen printing enamel ink.

The outdoor resistant ink has been developed for the second surface decoration of glass, particularly for backlit displays of vending or ticket machines.

NoriGlass OR is easy to process and shows good resistances towards chemicals and mechanical abrasion.

The ink system shows low electrical conductivity, even the black color shades. Highly opaque black or white colour shades and IR transparent colors are available as well.

The glass display is second surface printed with a highly opaque black. The inner frame is decorated with the high glossy Mirror Ink M3. Logo and wording are printed with an IR transmitting black color shade.

Proell Lacquer L68742
Proell testing motive is overprinted with Protective Lacquer L 68742

Aqua-Temp SIG L 68742 Protective Lacquer

Aqua-Temp SIG is a new water-based stoving lacquer for glass decoration. The screen printing lacquer can be used for second surface printing of glass panels and displays for household appliances.

The water-based two-component ink shows excellent printability and good screen opening properties.

Aqua-Temp SIG is based on organic binding agents and is formulated user-friendly without solvents. 

The printed and stoved ink layers show excellent resistances towards chemical cleaners and solvents as well as scratches. 

Protective Lacquer L 68742 has been developed as final overprinting lacquer. The stoved screen printing lacquer shows excellent scratch resistances, comparable with hard coated surfaces. Subjacent ink layers are perfectly protected during the mounting process, e.g. glass panels for refrigerators.

The protective lacquer can also be used for overprinting of solvent-based ink systems (not yet stoved) such as NoriGlass TPI and ZK-Two-Component Ink.

Proell Quick change screen system

TF-QuickChange Screen System

The original TF-QuickChange Screen System is an efficient, versatile and cost effective screen system for printing thermo plastic inks on glass hollowware. 

The TF-QuickChange system consists of a custom-made aluminum self-stretching frame and a prefabricated mesh/screen, which can be mounted easily on the frame. 

The system is suitable for all screen printing machines, including linear or rotary multi-colour machines and single colour machines and for printing any cylindrical, conical, flat or oval products.The high precision and stability of the frames guarantees excellent printing results and long print runs.

Due to screen heating up to 95° C thermo plastic glass enamels, cold paste enamels, thermo plastic organic inks and the new generation of UV inks can be processed.