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An alternative is the UV-curable Ultra Glass UVGL ink system for highly effective screen printing on glass. UVGL-RH/-RL relief varnishes can achieve haptic effects that are otherwise possible only with costly moulds and profitable only when manufactured in very large quantities. Pre-printed motifs applied by screen printing on container glass or flat glass are overprinted congruently with a thick layer of varnish and cured under UV light. Combinations of the two varnishes can achieve a wide variety of effects. 

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In combination with Ultra Jet DUV-C digital printing, coloured and haptic effects can be combined and enhanced.

When combined with the very popular hot foil embossing, UV screen printing achieves high-gloss metallic effects with a brilliance rivalling that of precious metals. Moreover, the production costs are much lower. 

Broad range of applications on glass: screen printing, digital printing and pad printing.

 Marabu offers a broad range of inks and ink combinations for printing on glass: screen printing, digital printing and pad printing. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes the solvent-based screen printing ink Mara® Glass MGL and the pad printing ink Tampa®Glass TPGL. Solvent-based printing inks are ideal for multicolour glass decoration. Whether used for screen printing or pad printing, MGL and TPGL are both impressive for their brilliant, sharply defined colours on various substrates. The single-component baking ink Mara®Tech MGO for glass and metal can be used for screen printing or pad printing and is ideal for first- and second-surface applications on container glass and flat glass. Mara®Tech MGO features high chemical resistance, and thanks to its BPA-free formula it is an excellent solution for sensitive applications, especially on baby bottles and medical accessories.

For printing on glass front panels (glass touch) and operator control panels, Marabu offers the UV-curable Ultra Glass UVG3C ink system and two solvent-based screen printing inks: Mara® Glass MGL and Mara® Glass MGLA. Applications include automotive display cover glass and high-quality operator control panels on kitchen appliances and similar equipment. MGLA can also be used on outdoor surfaces such as jet skis and snowmobiles. 

Ultra Jet DUV-C is made for direct digital printing on glass, for example custom decoration of drink bottles and cosmetic container in filling lines. It also has uses in advertising and interior design. An evenly applied primer as a bonding layer considerably enlarges its applications with UV-inkjet flat-bed printers. UV-PGL primer is applied by means of roller coating. Alternatively, a P5 primer can be wiped on manually or applied with a spray system. Mara® Shield liquid coatings can additionally be used as a primer and are excellent for finishing and protecting high-quality digital prints. UV-CGL opaque white can serve as a background on digitally printed surfaces.