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This is the Company’s third investment, having bought the original Zünd P- Series plotter in the early 90s to plot patterns and cut fabric panels. Nick Purvis said “Our latest purchase was the Zünd Digital Cutter G3 L-2500 in 2019. This cutter has completely revolutionised our manufacturing process. When choosing the extras for our Zünd, we decided to add the Integrated Compact Colour Camera (ICC) to create some sort of automation with our Durst Printer. However, the added benefits have been more than originally anticipated. In the past, the material came off our Durst printer and had to be hand cut before being placed on the Zünd cutter. Now thanks to the ICC camera, the cutter can identify registration marks or board edges and cut accordingly. The Zünd technology and the Durst Printer complement each other very well. “ 

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The semi-automated workflow from Zünd and Durst has reduced the workforce by two people. The material now comes out of the printer and is fed straight to the cutter.  Nick said “Since the addition of the Zünd Digital Cutter G3 L-2500 with ICC, the efficiency and accuracy have been the best it can be. We are now saving around 4% on material usage every year.”

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