As PrintFactory’s report notes, when production bottlenecks occur or quality inconsistencies arise, printers typically tend to look at replacing expensive hardware instead of considering a software solution such as an automation platform: “It is safer, more familiar to look to the kit – not what is driving it.”

. “We talk about the ‘automation journey’,” he explains. “Where printers grow into automation with easy-to-use, scalable software solutions that start off by taking care of tasks that waste time and productivity. Repetitive tasks, for example, or error checking. These elements can be automated easily, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks and helping get jobs out more quickly and accurately.”

Investing in a system that ensures ‘live’ print jobs are right first time, every time makes complete commercial sense.

Automation can be introduced little by little, and it’s an inevitable technology. Printers are definitely better off exploring their options and taking their first steps now, rather than waiting until everyone else has done it and being left behind.”

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