Ikonics Helmet

Hydrographics is a niche market for coating a variety of substrate materials. From various plastics to metal, glass, wood, and ceramics, hydrographic painting is a popular method for transferring high-detailed images onto 3-dimensional surfaces. Among the trending products that are used in water transfer printing include: gun stocks, automotive parts, helmets, hard hats, and more. Possibilities are endless – if the surface can be scuffed and primed with a basecoat paint, it can be dipped with hydrographics.

After softly launching the product in January 2020, the company has worked hard on developing a solid marketing plan for the product and how to best reach their audience. “With the constant revolving world of social media, we are finding that the best way to both attract and educate fellow hydrographic professionals, is through technical forums and have thus launched our own technical group via Facebook called Hydrographic Heroes by Hydrokon. We are working to build a reputable, high quality brand for the hydrographics industry, and one of the most advantageous aspect is the product is manufactured and shipped domestically and distributed internationally through our Germany-based partner, HARKE Imaging,” says Marketing Manager, Mikaela Hernesman.

Hydrokon Water Transfer Film offers competitive features and benefits. A unique attribute of the new fproduct, is the clear polyester backing versus the commonly used white paper backing. The backing is important, because the clear polyester helps hydrographic professionals envision how a graphic design will look on the substrate and assist in ideal placement before it is actually dipped, whereas paper backing is opaque and obstructs the users view. The other added benefit is the backing is not water soluble, which helps to create a consistent release from the PVA film. 

Creating a competitive advantage from those of industry adversaries, IKONICS is proud to be 9001 certified, in which they can produce a consist chemical formula in the process of manufacturing Hydrokon.

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