Lambda_Hybrid Oven compact
Lambda's hybrid drying systems with combined radiation and air technology enable targeted process control and up to 80 percent compared to conventional fossil fuel systems.

Innovative integrated energy cycle concept

A new development from Lambda Technology is also the innovative energy cycle concept, which can achieve energy savings of up to 80 percent compared to conventional drying methods. A multi-stage design enables the hybrid units to use the invested energy in a highly efficient way. For example, the waste heat of the heating module is used for recirculation processes. The otherwise normally unused energy is directed onto the substrate as warm air and is thus still utilised. The warm air, in turn, circulates several times as nozzle air in the recirculating air dryer.

Another advantage of air movement in the drying process is that coating reacts to air movement and heat. With the air flow, drying can be controlled in a targeted manner. Additionally, the hot air absorbs volatile substances such as water and solvents and removes them from the substrate.

Lambda_Hybrid Oven System in Assembling Area
Assembly of a hybrid oven system for foil printing (gravure printing) at Lambda Technology.

In future, the Lambda Technology hybrid dryer will be available in various web widths (200 mm, 320 mm, 400 mm, 530 mm, 670 mm, 1050 mm, 1250 mm , 1700 mm) with a 1 m run length unit. It will also be possible to design all web widths. This capability allows processes to be considerably accelerated, and the user can apply the drying profile in many process-optimised variants. The run length of the hybrid, by the way, is only approx. 40 to 60 % of a fossil oven system.

All radiation and air technology functions are integrated into each unit, and counter-reflectors are available as an option. The systems are also available as conveyor belt systems, optionally with a suction belt or for roll-to-roll applications, and also for Ex applications.

About Lambda Technology

Lambda Technology Gesellschaft für thermische Prozesse is a family-run company based in Grafing in the high-tech belt near Munich. Lambda develops, designs, and manufactures drying systems and emitter modules for industrial heating processes such as drying, bonding and cross- linking of a wide range of materials. Its core competencies include the application-specific, targeted introduction of light energy in combination with a patented air management system that can make many processes less susceptible to faults and significantly more efficient and economical than before.

Customers include machine and plant manufacturers, as well as industrial end users of all sizes from the industrial print, automotive, electronics, plastics, packaging and metal processing sectors worldwide. Founded in 2000, Lambda today offers a comprehensive range of high- performance drying systems covering a spectrum from UV to NIR to IR.



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