Right at the beginning of the Corona epidemics in early 2020, Dr. Hönle AG developed the SteriWhite Air Q115, an air disinfector for rooms with constant occupancy, effective against infection with Covid-19. In the meantime, Hönle has developed a whole product series called SteriWhite Air Q. Today they can now offer the optimum solution for each room size, if waiting area, office, schoolroom, hotel room or restaurant. „Our SteriWhite Air Q units are the missing link in each hygiene concept. They provide disinfected air where people come together indoors and where continuous airing is not possible. “, explains Heiko Runge, Member of Board at Dr. Hönle AG. He also points out that without air hygiene their will not be a fast and lasting back to normal.

Though he, as everybody else, is hoping for a light-hearted summer without anxious glances on corona incidences. But he also fears that this could be different in autumn, regardless of the vaccination status: “We all will have to learn to live with Corona for a long time and we will have to cope with it, which means we have to protect ourselves against infections.“ Here, UVC air disinfection can make an important contribution. 

That is why Heiko Runge is very happy about the new cooperation with LEDVANCE, a worldwide leading supplier in the lighting industry, for professional lighting users as well as for end customers. LEDVANCE has more than 100 year of experience in the field of lighting and the necessary know-how in UVC air disinfection. “This co-operation is a great chance for both our companies”, says Heiko Runge. „We have the technology and LEDVANCE close and long-standing customer contacts throughout Europe.” This outstanding market access is very useful to reach the goal of both light experts: being fast at making Europe safer.

Dr. Oliver Vogler, Managing Director Western Europe at LEDVANCE, is convinced that UVC air disinfection will be an important part of future

hygiene concepts: “We at LEDVANCE Europe believe that UVC disinfection devices are a great helper to bring back indoor air quality in a new normal during and after the continuous pandemic, besides other technological alternatives.”

And both companies agree in one more opinion: NOW is the time to act.