The Wrap Institute Logo

The Wrap Institute began as a vision to create a new, accessible way to learn about wrapping. A comprehensive online training resource for the industry did not exist and the idea quickly evolved into a mission to develop a cutting-edge, digitally-based instructional platform with a global reach. The Wrap Institute was launched in 2014 and has become the authority on industry standards, tools, and techniques. Now, with more than 2,400 instructional videos, thousands of active subscribers, and online and live events around the world, The Wrap Institute offers those in the wrap and restyling world a convenient, economical and professional way to improve their knowledge and increase their skill set. 

The Wrap Institute will aid Color Concepts by providing in-depth knowledge of the wrap and restyling industry, while Color Concepts will help boost The Wrap Institute’s platform by offering significant expertise and upstream knowledge on production, infrastructure, sales and web-platform development and anything print-related. This partnership will substantially enhance the capabilities and services offered by both organizations for users, manufacturers, and distributors.

The partnership is effective immediately. 

“This partnership emphasizes our commitment to become a full-service organization for manufacturers and distributors in the Graphic Arts industry. The Wrap Institute’s competence, customer base and content perfectly complement Color Concepts’ services and platform and allows Color Concepts to expand its services in new markets, such as: restyling, architecture, interior design and car wrapping applications.. Being able to not only assist material and printer manufacturers in the development, support, marketing and sales of their products, but also creating the tutorials, training and development assistance for the application of materials, is a completion of our services offering. We are excited to welcome Justin and his team to our bunch of Crazy Ones!”

Marco Roos - CEO and Founder of Color Concepts 

“There are moments in the evolution of a business that are truly pivotal, and one of them for The Wrap Institute and I was meeting Marco and his team this fall. The values, focus on learning, commitment to neutrality and having a deep passion for the “Never Stop Learning!™” mentality are part of both ours and their DNA, and this was apparent right away. While The Wrap Institute provides knowledge and installation instruction, Color Concepts compliments this with their expertise on printing, data development and product testing. Together, this partnership provides a truly all-encompassing educational and marketing platform for the entire wrap and restyling industry that everyone can benefit from. I can honestly say that this is one of those special 1+1=3 moments!”

Justin Pate - CEO and Founder of The Wrap Institute