Chad Rutter - a video editor expert, animator, and motion master - is now our Multimedia Specialist at Color Concepts. He will be responsible for animation and video editing for ColorBase Creative Studios.

Chad grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. When he was little, he fell in love with drawing -   if it were up to him, his art would have filled every second of his days. As he grew, so did his interest in crafting visual content. It was no surprise to anyone that he sought an education in animation and went on to spend 6 years working for an advertising agency! It is safe to say that Chad has always had a creative mind and soul!

Coca Cola, Unilever, Marriott, and Holiday Inn are all brands Chad worked for as a Motion Graphics Artist. Experience. Expertise. Creativity. We are very excited to have him on board and are confident he will bring Creative Studios to the next level! 

Nathalie Stroobants

Nathalie Stroobants - a master of International Tax Law and Globalization, and multilingual beer sommelier - is now the new Finance Professional at Color Concepts. 

Born in Venezuela with Belgian roots, Nathalie describes herself as a ‘Latina at heart with a European perspective’. Her two greatest loves -Latin music and zythology (the study of beer and beer brewing) - perfectly reflect her international roots. Nathalie is used to working hard as shown by her academic accomplishments: A Bachelor and two Master degrees. 

When choosing where to start her career, a law firm seemed obvious - however, Nathalie is not a person to conform to societal expectations. The prospect of working in an inventive, fast-changing and creative environment is what led her to our door. 

We are thrilled that Nathalie has joined us aboard the Color Concepts roller coaster. Another Crazy One, another awesome addition to the team! 

Christo Saayman

Christo Saayman - a technology and science enthusiast, team management maestro, and operations management extraordinaire - is now responsible for software testing and supporting the development team. 

Christo was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and worked for one of the largest car rental companies in South Africa for 16 years. As a Regional Operations Manager, he was responsible for 20 branches across Northern and Central South Africa. Christo is no stranger to the printing industry - not only did he invest in and direct two South African printing companies, he has worked with us before. Christo, also known as. The Color Concepts Data Pirate - has been involved in structuring data on our ColorBase platform

After his recent move to the Netherlands, Christo was ready for a new beginning and joining the Pixel Pirates, Rainbow Rebels, and Color Guards, was exactly what he had in mind. Luckily he is just as crazy as we are (if not crazier), so we trust he will fit right in! 

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