Canon Colorado 1630 front/left

The new versatile printer offers the same high productivity features, output quality and media versatility of its bigger brother, the Colorado 1650. Using Canon’s unique UVgel 460 inks that are used with the Colorado 1650, the 1630 produces razor-sharp prints with a wide colour gamut. Extremely reliable and easy-to-use, this robust workhorse is built for maximum uptime and quick turnarounds. Operating costs are also minimised thanks to the efficiency of the printer, combined with reduced waste and a 40% lower ink consumption compared to other technologies, so customers can maximise their bottom line and, in turn, expand their business.

Users can benefit from uninterrupted production with on-the-fly ink replenishment which, combined with unprecedented automation features such as nozzle monitoring, printhead maintenance and media feed winding, allows users to avoid unnecessary downtime. In addition, Canon’s Remote Control app is now available to monitor all Colorado printers. This will allow users to check the printer status remotely which helps to use this device unattended 24/7. The Remote Control app sends alerts to the users’ mobile devices with printer status updates, warnings and errors, offering the reassurance that the printer is running smoothly to meet deadlines.

Colorado users can also benefit from Canon’s ProCare after-sales service programme, which offers maximised uptime through access to spare parts, preventive maintenance and remote support for increased productivity and minimal downtime. 


The modular architecture of the Colorado 1630 allows customers to start with the base model and, depending on business needs, choose from a range of additional modules. For example, if the printer is installed with one media roll but run lengths are increasing, a second media roll option can be easily added. Further enhancing its efficiency, the precise media handling of the Colorado 1630 ensures near perfect registration for double-sided printing. A ‘print side in’ option also allows customers to print on both the inside and outside of the roll for maximum media versatility. All options can be enabled remotely and on demand, without the need for a service visit.

Adding flexibility for a matte or gloss finish to each print, the optional FLXfinish module uses a unique LED curing technique designed to add visual impact to applications such as banners, wall coverings and point of sale materials without the need to change inks or media. This technology also supports printing on porous substrates, such as uncoated papers and soft signage materials, further expanding new market opportunities.

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Michele Tuscano, Head of Global Partner Channel & Vice President EMEA - Large Format Graphics at Canon Production Printing, comments, “Since launching the Colorado series in 2017, the technology has truly disrupted the market and, with over 2,000 installations worldwide printing more than 25 million square metres to date, feedback has been extremely positive. Enabling our customers and partners to expand their application possibilities and grow their business is an essential driver for us at Canon Production Printing and increasingly we’ve seen a demand for a 1.6 m UVgel printer that can serve all PSPs. That’s why we’re introducing this new addition of the 1630 to the Colorado printer family, so customers can benefit from a highly automated, robust and stable printer with a modular architecture that offers a great deal of flexibility at an attractive investment level.”

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