In the Connectivity Zone, discover our end-to-end automation solutions and Myze workflow management software – cutting-edge tools designed to maximize productivity for end-users.
Continue your journey in the Innovation Zone, where unprecedented prototypes for direct-to-film (DTF) printing will demand your immediate attention and find answers to existing DTF pain points. Wrap up your exploration in the Compact Desktop Solutions Zone, where sleek embroidery machines and versatile on-demand printers await to inspire you to expand your offerings.

You will depart convinced that Brother is the all-in-one solution provider for you, connecting you to a seamless world of innovation and possibilities...

Regardless of the developments and changes over the years, Brother’s core values have remained unchanged - our focus has always been on quality, innovation and sustainability.

Brother says:

'We kindly invite all visitors to join us at FESPA to explore these ground-breaking advances in industrial printing. Come and discover the future of printing with Brother - a culmination of integrated solutions, technological breakthroughs, and unrivalled innovation.'

Brother will be at Booth 12-D10