American Image Increases Production Capacity by 30% with an EFI Pro 30f Wide Format Flatbed Printer

Electronics For Imaging, Inc., today reported that American Image, a producer of signs, display graphics, and award products located in Bergenfield, New Jersey, has acquired an EFI™ Pro 30f wide-format LED flatbed printer.

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22nd Jan 2024
2024 Q1, Company, Wide-format
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Prior to acquiring the Pro 30f flatbed, the American Image production printing fleet consisted of 11 wide-format printers, including eight small flatbeds. Adding the Pro 30f printer to the mix increased the company’s production capacity by 30%, significantly improving their time to market, important in a competitive environment.


We worked with our distributor, ITNH, who introduced us to EFI and recommended the EFI Pro 30f as a solution to our needs,

said John Paragian, Owner and President of American Image. 

Time to market is an increasingly important factor in customer satisfaction, and turn times continue to shrink. We were looking for a printer that would fit in our space-constrained facility and give us the speed boost we were looking for. The EFI Pro 30f ticked all the boxes. It has allowed us to print items we were not able to print before in terms of size, and it has also allowed us to consolidate our print production, putting multiple jobs on the printer at one time, adding to our ability to meet tight time-to-market requirements.


The LED flatbed printer supports media up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick and features EFI’s UltraDrop™ Technology with variable grayscale 7 to 21 picoliter drop sizes. Its large bed size offers a maximum printable area of 120 x 80 inches (3.05 x 2.04 m) and bleed printing, with print speeds up to 2,130 square feet (198 square meters) per hour at resolutions up to 1,200 dots per inch, according to EFI.


The printer’s LED curing and unique capabilities allow American Image to extend its range of supported substrates and application offerings. For example, EFI’s best-in-class white ink that comes standard with the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer gives users the power to print on clear and colored media, as well as specialty and heavy media like wood, metal or glass up to 400 pounds, backlit double-sided applications, and spot white to increase image vibrancy.


As Paragian was considering this investment, he and the principal of ITNH visited the EFI facility for one of the company’s Ignite events and was able to see the printer in action and interact with the EFI team. “If you are going to invest in a piece of equipment, getting to know the team that is responsible for it is a big plus.”


Paragian also notes that every single person in his facility can run the Pro 30f flatbed, and they all prefer that printer to the other 11 he has on the floor. “If I had the room,” he says, “I would acquire another one in a heartbeat.”


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