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Product / Service Description

Murakami's product lines vary but these are all about screen printing.
1) Photo-sensitive materials
There are over 100 kinds of liquid emulsions available for textile, graphics, electronics, and other industrial applications per each required feature.
There are also several direct-indirect films available both pure photopolymer and dualcure.

2) Screen masks
Murakami makes and delivers quality screen masks especially for electronics applications including solar cells and ceramic component printing.
We can process CAD, generate positives, stretch, expose, inspect, pack and ship.
Supply of pre-coated (pre-sensitised) screens are available upon request.

3) Commodity Items (mesh, screen making equipment, squeegee, cleaning chemicals, etc.)
Murakami deals with quality commodities sourcing from reliable vendors worldwide.
Mesh, equipment, squeegee, cleaning chemicals, and such.
Ask Murakami what we have as far as you are looking for anything screen printing related.

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  • Geographical areas covered - Global

Company Info

MURAKAMI has been long dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, supply of photo-sensitive materials, high-precision screens, and other commodity items relating to screen printing since its foundation in 1965. MURAKAMI invented and commercialized PVA-SBQ based pure photopolymer first time ever in the screen printing industry. Photo-sensitive polymer is MURAKAMI's core technology. Shipping quantity of emulsion to global market is said to be more than any other brand names, meanwhile MS-FILM and MS-THICKFILM has been used by thousands of users worldwide for decades of time. Also, we supply world's top quality screens for electronics applications including ceramic components and photovoltaic reproducing ultra-fine patterns using Murakami's own photopolymer materials. As the only world leading manufacture that self-develops screen masks and photosensitive materials, we strive to stay one step ahead from our competitors. MURAKAMI is the quality solution provider from textile, graphics, electronics, and to any other industrial applications, so far as screen printing is concerned.

  • Year founded - 1965


Japan Association of Screen Printing Suppliers
Japanese Screen & Digital Printers Association


ISO9001 / ISO14001



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