Kissel & Wolf GmbH

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Industrial Graphic Textile
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All Industrial
Posters / Photographic
Displays / Exhibits
Signs / Banners
Fleet markings / Transit Advertising
Home Textiles
Flag and Banner
Apparel & garments
Smart Textiles (electronic wearables)
In Den Ziegelwiessen 6, 69168 Wiesloch +49 6222 5780 Laura Haas
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Product / Service Description

As a medium-sized family owned business based in Wiesloch near Heidelberg, Kissel + Wolf GmbH supplies chemical products worldwide for screen and textile printing; industrial, flock and special adhesives; cleaning agents; resists & coatings. We also offer services for product development and contract manufacturing.

Company Info

Kissel + Wolf GmbH was founded in 1893. In Wiesloch, near Heidelberg, nearly 100 employees help the company play a leading role in a number of areas, including screen and textile printing, as well as manufacturing adhesives, resists and coatings and cleaning chemistry. Apart from in Germany, the company has operational centres in USA, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Turkey and India.

Our Research and Development department – which represents around 15% of employees - ensures that we maintain excellent levels of innovation.

  • Year founded - 1893