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Penny Potter
Penny Potter
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27th Feb 2024
In an exclusive interview, Penny Potter, Editor at Specialist Printing Worldwide, spoke with Poonam Telkar and Vishal Telkar, Founders of SNJ Enterprise, to explore the services they offer to a global community

Where is your operation based and what are the key services you offer to printers around the world?

SNJ Enterprise – A 3M MCS Partner – has experienced expansive growth, currently operating from two specialised centres in Pune, India. These centres boast cutting-edge machinery and a dedicated core team of over 20 employees. These include designers, print experts and process and installation specialists. Currently working with multinational brands, such as Samsung, Vivo, Tanishq, Titan and Serum Institute of India, SNJ also offers printing services to European brands based in India. In addition, the company is engaged in exporting printing products and services to countries such as Nepal and Dubai. 

SNJ’s services encompass a spectrum of offerings, ranging from premium point-of-purchase displays, high-volume billboards, soft signage, fabric printing, wallpaper printing, OEM decal and vinyl printing, vehicle graphics, printing on functional electronic devices, offset and digital printing to specialised graphic printing. Our comprehensive approach spans everything from stationery to intricate exhibition-booth installations.

What are the core values and key advantages for SNJ customers?

Sustainability is a core value at SNJ. The EFI VUTEk 3r+ aligns perfectly with our green initiatives. Its energy-efficient, LED-curing technology and ability to print on a variety of substrates, resonates with our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. 

“Our vision is to offer best-in-class sustainable services which align with green initiatives”

The primary advantage for our customers is our experienced printing capabilities and world class infrastructure. For example, our equipment includes an Eizo colour-calibrated monitor as well as the superb EFI 3r+ UV printer and EFI Vutek GS 3200 hybrid UV printer. Moreover, our professional design team excels in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. As a result, we provide robust solutions for global printers, advertising and branding agencies, architects and interior decorators, PMS Consultants, OEM (for supplying OEM decals), retail branding agencies and wallpaper manufacturers, amongst others.

Furthermore, our competitive pricing, coupled with a nuanced understanding of projects from conceptualisation to production, positions SNJ as a strategic partner. Excelling in technology that delivers high-quality results, at a rapid pace, SNJ’s stringent quality checks guarantee adherence to client specifications.

Founders of SNJ Enterprise, Poonam Telkar and Vishal Telkar
Founders of SNJ Enterprise, Poonam Telkar and Vishal Telkar

How can SNJ add value to its prospective clients around the world?

We can provide substantial added value for the aforementioned professionals, seeking outsourcing partners. Engaging in technical discussions at every project stage, SNJ offers expertise from the conceptual stage of understanding the project. We offer design solutions and colour correction. Our colour-proofing services ensure a high standard, using EFI Fiery colour-proofing software tools. Lastly, SNJ offers high-volume production and supply. Our deep understanding of the printing process, ensures a seamless workflow, fostering efficient and effective project completion. 

“Our comprehensive approach spans everything from stationery to intricate exhibition-booth installations”

What is different about working with SNJ?

At SNJ Enterprise, we are very proud of our personalised approach with customers. Our commitment to fully understanding projects and fostering strong client relationships underscores our dedication to excellence. Our vision is to offer best-in-class sustainable services which align with green initiatives.

How do you manage shipping to all areas of the world and still remain financially competitive?

With regards to global shipping efficiency and cost competitiveness, we practise excellent shipping management and are able to remain competitive by optimising costs. This, combined with our competitive pricing model, ensures that clients receive top-notch services without compromising on affordability.