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Valiani, srl
Matteo Muto, Sales and Marketing Manager, Valiani srl
Matteo Muto
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14th May 2024
Matteo Muto of Valiani, offers a glimpse into the future of the family-run Italian company, as well as a picture of its history, innovation and flat-bed cutter technology

Valiani is a manufacturer of small- to medium-sized, highly reliable flat-bed cutters with a worldwide distribution network. This year marks its 50th anniversary. The company will celebrate this success with a series of initiatives and special events with customers, partners, dealers and friends.

Valiani Team in the production lines
Valiani Team in the production lines

Valiani was founded in 1974, situated in the middle of the Tuscan countryside with its headquarters in Certaldo (Florence, Italy). The company’s history began in the picture-framing industry. The company – founded by Franco Valiani and his wife Franca – was established with the goal of becoming the first manufacturer of mat-board cutting machines. This ambition was combined with hard work and experience. Over the years, it has become a solid foundation for the company’s subsequent diversification. 

Today, Valiani has successfully added to its portfolio. It has developed digital die-cutting solutions for the printing world, paper-conversion sector, as well as fashion for the creation of paper patterns. 

“Valiani’s customers appreciate the configuration of its machines”


Franco Valiani’s cousin – a producer of mouldings for picture frames – asked if he could design and produce a table-top mat cutter that would achieve angles of both 45° and 90°. The result was a completely new and innovative machine which pushed Franco to go into production. He went on to sell the machine to picture framers worldwide. The first machine was an instant success. The company grew – initially led by Franco and Franca – and later by their son and daughter, Nico and Giada.

Since then, the Valiani brand has become associated with the most famous global museums and art galleries. These, amongst others, include The Louvre, D’Orsay, Hermitage, New York Public Library, Vatican Museums and MoMA. The galleries chose Valiani to cut their mat boards and conservation boxes for archival purposes. 


Currently, Valiani is a pioneer in the manufacturing of affordable and reliable digital-cutting machines for the printing, packaging and sign industry. With made-in-Italy quality, Valiani is proud to showcase a wide range of cutting machines. The equipment ranges from small- to large-format flat-bed tables, to automatic-feeding systems with conveyor belts.

This market has proved to be successful for the company, as demonstrated by its numerous partnerships and collaborations. Valiani has co-operated, over the years, with some major global players in the printing industry. These include Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Roland DG, as well as Komori Koenig & Bauer and Policrom Screens.

Valiani’s international success is also due to the variety of its cutting machines and good, long-standing reputation. Nowadays, the business can boast a complete portfolio of very versatile tables, with custom configuration to fully match customers’ requirements from small to medium runs. It represents the perfect balance between price, performance and productivity. Valiani’s customers appreciate the configuration of its machines, driven by application, as shown by the wide range of machines by Valiani.

“Omnia represents Valiani’s true flagship in the packaging market”

Valiani Headquarters in Certaldo, Florence (Italy)
Valiani Headquarters in Certaldo, Florence (Italy)

Invicta stands out for its compact size to fit every working environment. It is ideal for single-head applications – motorbike, magnet sheets, rubber for die makers, varnish plates for prepress, offset printing and packaging prototypes/samples.


Optima is appreciated for its remarkable features for cutting and creasing without changing tools. Since 2014, it is Valiani’s best-selling product, covering the needs of most packaging companies looking for box mock-ups and short runs. It is also suitable for half- or V-cut luxury rigid boxes.


Integra offers an outstanding routing tool. It is the only all-in-one Valiani machine to combine cutting, creasing and routing. Integra has become an appealing finishing product for the sign and display market. It is also in high demand in the packaging industry.


Finally, the Omnia, which is an auto-feed, die-cutting machine with feeder, conveyor belt and catch tray. It guarantees non-stop cutting and creasing. This solution is designed to complement offset and digital printers that face a bottleneck in the finishing phase with small quantities. Omnia represents Valiani’s true flagship in the packaging market, working day and night without the need for an operator.

“Valiani and Summa combine their high-quality product ranges, brands and global capabilities”

An image showing various Valiani machinery over the years
Between tradition and innovation: Valiani machines over time

This wide portfolio, together with high customer satisfaction – gained over the last 50 years – turned into the acquisition by Summa NV in July 2022. Summa is a world leader in the production of roll-to-roll (RTR), flat-bed and laser cutters. The company was eager to strengthen its position in print-finishing equipment. The Valiani family, convinced that this merger would accelerate the growth and faster acquisition of market shares, has become a minority shareholder of the Summa Group.

Both businesses have kept working with their current brands and leadership teams. This transition will have a positive impact for both distributors and customers. Valiani and Summa combine their high-quality product ranges, brands and global capabilities. In this way, the two companies will provide even more innovative solutions and a broader portfolio of cutting equipment to satisfy a wider range of customer needs. A different, still complementary value proposition means that the merger will lead to the strengthening of both parties.

“A strong selling point for Valiani is its five-year warranty”


Valiani and Summa are united by international ambition, as well as attention to the environment, safety and quality. This is demonstrated by the three ISO certifications obtained in 2022 by Valiani. In addition, Lean Manufacturing which is a production process aimed at maximising productivity while minimising waste within the manufacturing process.

A strong selling point for Valiani is its five-year warranty. It undoubtedly distinguishes the company from its competitors. This aspect is much appreciated by customers. They trust in a renowned brand which takes very good care of the manufacturing process, using only premium components.

Valiani has always been a family-run business and the family still plays a major role in the company’s development. However, belonging to Summa will allow Valiani to expand its sales channels. It will also enable a broadening of its product range and continue its position in the print-finishing market.

An image of four Ace cards from a deck of playing cards with Valiani macghines in place of the usual image
Machines Value Proposition by Valiani in the print finishing market

Valiani can now look back on 50 years of history and look forward to another successful 50 years of development and innovation. This important anniversary represents the company’s longevity and reliability. Regular customers, who rely on Valiani products, become ‘part of the family’. Companies who work with Valiani are well aware of the advantages of choosing a well-established brand. Rooted in the stunning landscape of Tuscany, the company is proud of its 100% made-in-Italy cutting machines as well as the experienced team of people who will continue to stand by customers for the years to come. This important milestone is not only a proud moment for the company, but also a symbol of solidity, credibility and dedication to customers and employees.

“Regular customers, who rely on Valiani products, become ‘part of the family’”

Valiani is proud to participate at drupa 2024, after its last fruitful presence at the Ricoh and Konica Minolta booths in 2016