Lee Ward, Managing Director, Tharstern
Lee Ward
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14th May 2024
Lee Ward, Managing Director of Tharstern & Nubium Evangelist, explains how eProductivity Software has advanced the company’s business

Like all industries today, print companies face a pivotal moment. Technology will determine businesses who can be competitive, adaptive and ultimately successful. Small commercial print businesses face a particularly critical challenge – integrating advanced technology within the confines of limited resources. This dilemma often places these businesses at a competitive disadvantage. They can be left struggling to maintain operational efficiency and market relevance. The eProductivity Software (ePS) team, has three decades of experience in delivering productivity solutions for printers. Its challenge was to reinvent and rethink traditionally complex print-management information systems (MIS). The result is ePS Nubium, a brand new print business management solution. It is 100% cloud native and built for rapid and easy start-up and onboarding.

A headhsot of Lee Ward, Managing Director, Tharstern & Nubium Evangelist
Lee Ward, Managing Director, Tharstern and a Nubium Evangelist

As customer demands diversify, small print businesses must be able to support a wide range of products and services to compete. These range from traditional paper goods to innovative printed solutions and products. This variety creates complexity from a quoting, estimating and production perspective. 
It often requires quick adjustments and 
flexible management capabilities. The right MIS solution can efficiently manage diverse products and meet market demands without the need for extensive customisation or technical support. Business owners can not only enhance their operational flexibility, but also position themselves effectively in a dynamic market landscape.

“Nubium eliminates concerns about data security, availability and performance”

As printers increasingly look to their MIS to drive productivity and competitiveness, one of the biggest challenges is the integration of advanced digital tools within limited resources and budgets. Printers often struggle with the high costs and technical complexity associated with implementing sophisticated print-management systems. This includes integrating them with other business solutions such as web-to-print systems and accounting. Additionally, the need for ongoing maintenance and updates can further strain already limited budgets and staff. Without the right technological infrastructure, small printers may find it difficult to streamline their operations, optimise production processes or expand their service offerings. Ultimately this can hinder their ability to compete with larger, more technologically equipped competitors. This creates a significant barrier to adopting new technologies that could otherwise enable improved efficiency and expansion of the company’s market.

A screen grab of the Nubium software interface
Unlike traditional software that necessitates extensive set-up and configuration, Nubium offers a pre-configured system that allows businesses to begin creating estimates within the first hour of implementation

The key consideration for any team adopting new technology is ‘time to value’. This is a concept that measures how quickly a business can leverage new technology to yield tangible benefits. For small print enterprises, the hurdles of implementing complex systems – without significant IT support – can turn potential advantages into bottlenecks and unrealised return on investment (ROI). The introduction of Nubium, however, marks a departure from this conundrum. It promises an accelerated implementation process designed to meet unique demands.

“Nubium is different in its simplicity and efficiency”


Nubium is different in its simplicity and efficiency. Unlike traditional MIS software that necessitates extensive set-up and configuration, Nubium offers a pre-configured system. This allows businesses to begin creating estimates within the first hour of getting started. This user-friendly approach – combined with built-in, self-guided training – ensures that even businesses with no IT staff can quickly adopt and utilise the system to its full potential.

Operating on a 100% true-cloud architecture, Nubium eliminates concerns regarding data security, availability and performance. Hosted and managed by the ePS professional services team, Nubium complies with stringent data-handling regulations in both the European Union and North America. Users are thus provided with confidence in their data security and availability, without the overheads and headaches of self-managed software.

Flexibility and growth potential are at the heart of Nubium’s design. Its open architecture ensures that businesses no longer need to choose between functionality and ease of deployment. Nubium supports a wide array of printed products and streamlines various aspects of the printing business, from estimating and inventory management, to integration of financial systems.


Nubium promises printers a new competitive edge, by helping to quickly onboard front office, production and finance functions. This allows for the ability to get staff up and running faster than ever. ePS is excited to announce the launch of Nubium at the upcoming drupa 24 event in Dusseldorf, from 28 May–7 June. eProductivity looks forward to empowering small commercial print businesses with a platform which will give them the ability to respond to new opportunities and win more business. Additionally, it will drive increased productivity with simple, intuitive and powerful business tools that an entire team can use and enjoy.