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A headshot of Frank de Jonge, Commercial Director at NEOS SRL
Frank de Jonge
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14th May 2024
Frank de Jonge, Commercial Director at NEOS, explains how the company’s latest digital technologies have enabled DR Tecnica to take part of its production phase in-house for a more flexible and personalised service

DR Tecnica is one of the leading companies in the design and production of displays. These include displays for ceramics, marble and parquet, as well as any other product that needs to be presented. The company is based in Fiorano Modenese (Modena, Italy) with a 6,000m2 facility. DR Tecnica has been producing a variety of display lines – wood, cardboard, packaging, metal – and accessories, for over 20 years. The business has also combined different finishing technologies to offer personalised solutions to its customers – primarily ceramic companies


NEOS designs and develops digital-inkjet printers, capable of working on multiple material supports such as paper, cardboard, plastic (ABS, PVC, PET and PP), wood, laminates and metal surfaces. The customisation capacity has always been in the DNA of the company. Every part of NEOS’ machines, from mechanics to electronics and software to colour management, is made by the in-house team. This allows for tailor-made solutions with the constant aim of simplifying processes, reducing costs and production times, and improving overall efficiency. Craftsmanship and research and development are among NEOS’ strengths.

DR Technica – until now – has relied on external printers. However, in response to an increasing demand for personalised displays – both graphic and decorative – the company has decided to take this production phase in-house. The decision was taken as a result of the benefits offered by the latest digital technologies by NEOS. DR Technica was looking to increase its technical know-how and become more competitive in the market. As a result, the company looked for a flexible solution that would allow it to realise its creative goals in less time. Another consideration, was the avoidance of additional costs related to external suppliers, consumable materials and machine downtime.

“NEOS designs and develops digital-inkjet printers, capable of working on multiple material supports”

The Bombardier B-belt
The Bombardier B-belt

After careful evaluation, the choice fell on the NEOS Bombardier B-belt B06B120UV model. This digital-inkjet printer, with vacuum belt transport for rigid materials of large formats, is capable of maintaining a very high level of print quality. This is due to the use of grey scale printheads, software and electronics, developed internally by NEOS. The Bombardier B-belt B06B120UV achieves a production speed of up to 150m/min with print fronts up to 1,200mm and a resolution ranging from 600–1,800dpi. This modular printer allows for the recreation of any decorative element. These elements range from flat to natural colours, up to the production of wood-like grain.


The installation of the new inkjet printer has brought significant benefits to DR Tecnica. First and foremost, the ability to increase the speed production, with more flexibility and avoiding waiting times of external suppliers. In addition to this, there has been an improvement in the working conditions of the staff. By eliminating the handling of large wooden panels, it has been possible to reallocate tasks to more rewarding activities. 

Last, but not least, DR Tecnica will have the opportunity to expand its business and reach new markets. This is thanks to this new technology, which is capable of effectively responding to the growing demand for fast deliveries, short print runs and personalised decorations.