EFI™ IQ™, a new suite of free and paid cloud applications for digital print professionals from Electronics For Imaging, Inc., makes cut-sheet operations using EFI Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) smarter. To access IQ’s free applications, businesses can simply open an EFI IQ account online. Additional paid applications in the suite, including EFI ColorGuard and the new EFI Manage, extend users’ capabilities.

Driving value from data

The free applications in this cloud-based suite, which are designed to operate with Fiery Driven™ cut-sheet digital printers, help printing businesses extract value from data to minimise bottlenecks, optimise equipment utilisation and increase profit.

EFI IQ Dashboard

EFI IQ Dashboard provides a personalised view of a user’s digital printing operation and is the launching pad for all EFI IQ applications. Users can monitor the status of any printers, consumables and job status on their Fiery Driven printers. Printer groups as well as role-based permissions allow for managing more sophisticated environments with many printers or users. 

EFI IQ Insight

EFI Insight provides users with deep historical data in an interactive environment to help users transform print production data into actionable analytics that drive business improvement. Insight displays trend analytics, including shift and other comparisons. Print users can use this intelligence to make data-driven decisions to increase shop floor productivity, or import a job log to perform extensive analysis.



EFI Notify allows users to get production-blocking alerts, as well as establish timing for automatic distribution of production reports.

Customers can also get IQ capabilities such as dashboard metrics, notifications and more on their mobile phones via the EFI Go app.

Extended capabilities for in-depth quality and production control

The EFI IQ Suite’s paid applications include EFI ColorGuard –winner of a 2019 SGIA Product of the Year Award for colour enhancement software. This cloud-based software helps automate and standardise colour verification and calibration processes to help ensure printers get the best colour output. By ensuring consistently accurate colour, users can win more business, reduce waste and eliminate rejected jobs.

Sites with many Fiery digital front ends will benefit from subscribing to the EFI Manage application, which remotely monitors Fiery DFEs to keep production running at its best, syncing print devices and setting compliance targets for the best print production outcomes.

Fiery users can create an EFI IQ account or find more information by visiting here