Valiani Invicta Applications

Invicta can be customized thanks to a wide range of tools, thereby ensuring great versatility in the processing of different materials, shapes and thicknesses from a standard of 5mm up to 20mm with a special tool as mentioned below. The single-headed toolholder system allows switching from one tool to another in a fast and user-friendly way, while processing any operation.

Invicta can be equipped with a camera and software for crop marks detection. Its most distinguishing feature in respect to the previous version is the possibility of installing a pneumatic oscillating cutting tool able to cut up to a thickness of 20 mm, thus enlarging the range of processable materials.

This cutting machine is marketed with an introductory price of € 21.900 end-user. The goal set by Valiani is to commercialise a product within the reach of everyone, while guaranteeing industrial machine-like performance.

As with every Valiani machine, Invicta too has been designed and manufactured within Valiani factory, using mostly Italian components, in full accordance with the Made in Italy concept.

Invicta can boast its compliance with stringent Industry 4.0 requirements, CE certified, UL listed and above all a 5-YEAR warranty coverage, valid on sales throughout 2021.

“Although 2020 was a terrible year negatively affected by the pandemic, we are very pleased with what has been done and achieved. After having completed the Omnia project we immediately launched it on the market. The automatic era has finally arrived for the Omnia. Concurrently we started planning the Invicta, and we are now about to releaseit, demonstrating that opportunities must be sought and seized” affirms Nico Valiani, Valiani’s CEO & Owner.

“The goal behind the Invicta was to build a cutting machine for everyone, able to meet the demands of an ever-increasing segment of customers, to manufacture an extremely reliable and versatile product, at a competitive price. This proves what may be achieved if supported by a farsighted vision, a careful planning phase and a fair share of know-how” concludes Nico Valiani.

Valiani Invicta Perspective

The Invicta’s official market introduction is scheduled for early May. and intense activity on Valiani social networks and website is to be expected. Pre-orders are already numerous, and the first deliveries will be made by the end of the month.

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