Swedbrand Gluing Process

Facility manager Bogdan Putko, who has 35 years of experience in the Polish packaging market, states, “We decided to implement dextrine-based adhesives because they are in better alignment with new environmental trends, aiming for increased sustainability. Furthermore, they are also in line with SWEDBRAND’s sustainability strategies. Not only are they made from plants, which have a smaller environmental footprint than livestock, but dextrine adhesives also use much less energy, functioning at 30 to 38 degrees centigrade, as opposed to animal-based glues, which require temperatures of up to 70 degrees centigrade. 

Adhesive containers can also remain open without the adhesives solidifying, this way reducing waste and streamlining the production process. And the resulting glued products are just as durable and show no visible difference when compared to products glued with traditional animal-based adhesives. We are not aware of any other rigid box manufacturers who are exclusively using these adhesives at this time.”

Dextrine water-based adhesives function with a wide variety of machine types and processes, with the ability to produce up to 15 glued boxes per minute.

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