Marabu Packaging LEDC

Energy-saving UV-LED curing for packaging with a small carbon footprint

Printing on packaging can be more energy efficient with UV-LED-curable inks. Marabu is an industry leader in LED technology and is committed to promoting environmentally friendly processes among manufacturers and printers. Used in combination with LED-curable ink systems, such as the Ultra Pack LEDC, UV-LED curing offers many advantages over traditional UV curing. 

For example, UV-LED lamps require no warm-up time and do not generate heat. This reduces their energy consumption and means that substrates, such as cosmetic tubes, are not subjected to potentially harmful temperatures during printing. UV-LED lamps furthermore use only UV-A light, which means they do not generate any ozone and do not require extraction systems. They also have a very long service life. With the right ink system and industry partner, switching to UV-LED technology is a good investment for everyone’s future.

Marabu Product Samples MPX

New screen printing ink for film insert moulding (FIM)

Mara® Mold MPX was specifically developed to be used in film insert moulding (FIM) processes on polycarbonate (PC) films. It is easy to shape, can withstand high temperatures and adheres well to injection-moulded substrates. The range is ideal for all sorts of designs and includes a non-conductive opaque black and various effects.

Shaped FIM components are used in the automotive sector, as control panels for household appliances or consumer electronics, and in medical devices. Marabu’s new in-house FIM plant (equipped with high pressure forming technology from Niebling) means the company can ramp up development and address specific customer requirements in the shortest possible time. 

Marabu Maqua PadMAP

Maqua® Pad MAP is the world’s first water-based pad printing ink. It is ideal for printing on sensitive products such as toys, FFP2 masks and textiles that come into direct contact with skin. The ink is very safe to use and is as good as odourless thanks to its water-based formula. It contains very low levels of PAH and VOC (volatile organic compounds) and is BPA and BPS free. 

Careful preparation must be undertaken before switching to water-based pad printing inks, and it is important to find the right room temperature, humidity level, printing machine, pad hardness and cliché type, and to only use limited auxiliary materials. Marabu will also be presenting Maqua® Coat MAF and Maqua® Color MAC, two water-based inks that can be applied using a spray gun or brush. They are particularly suitable for decorating figurines and are easy to use. 

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG

Marabu is a leading global manufacturer of liquid coatings and screen, digital as well as pad printing inks with headquarters near Stuttgart, Germany. Marabu’s track record of innovation stretches back to 1859, featuring many industry-first solutions for both industrial applications and graphic design. With its 16 subsidiaries and exclusive distribution partners, Marabu offers high-quality products and customer-specific services in more than 90 countries. Exceptional technical support, hands-on customer training, and environmental protection are core elements of its corporate philosophy. Sustainable business practices are also key to Marabu’s vision. These have been implemented through a number of initiatives, with concrete results. Marabu will continue to pursue these activities with commitment in the future and is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.Marabu GmbH & Co. KG

Marabu ist einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von Sieb-, Digital- und Tampondruckfarben sowie Flüssig-beschichtungen mit Hauptsitz in der Technologie-Region Stuttgart. Seit 1859 entwickelt Marabu Farbserien, die immer wieder Meilensteine sowohl bei industriellen als auch bei grafischen Anwendungen setzen. Gemeinsam mit 16 Tochtergesellschaften auf der ganzen Welt und ausgewählten Vertriebspartnern bietet Marabu hochwertige Farbsysteme und kundenspezifische Dienstleistungen in über 90 Ländern. Erstklassiger technischer Service, praxisorientierte Kundenschulungen und ein besonderes Umweltbewusstsein sind zentrale Elemente der Marabu Firmenphilosophie. Darüber hinaus etablierte Marabu nachhaltiges Handeln als wichtiges Unternehmensleitbild und hat dieses durch zahlreiche Aktivitäten und handfeste Ergebnisse in die Tat umgesetzt. Marabu wird diese Aktivitäten auch in Zukunft engagiert weiterverfolgen und ist nach ISO 9001, und ISO 14001 zertifiziert.