Hymmen  DGP-DLE Plus Collection
Hymmen DGP-DLE Plus Collection

The high quality of surfaces is of great importance for customers' purchasing decisions. In the production technology of furniture and flooring, digital printing will play a decisive role in the future. The same is the case concerning lacquer finishing with a high-gloss or super-matt finish. A key success factor for any technology is ensuring the reproducible quality of the surfaces produced.

Hymmen Sensor 1
Hymmen Sensor

To ensure the desired quality of the produced surfaces in the long term, Hymmen has developed a quality control system that enables manufacturers to monitor and analyse their production parameters in real time: smart2i is an industry intelligence solution that can be integrated into both new and existing machines. 

Hymmen Sensor 2
Hymmen Sensor

smart2i is a cloud-based system for continuous monitoring and permanent recording of machine status, production and quality data. This data can be accessed from any device worldwide and displayed in customized dashboards by authorized users. smart2i also includes intelligent, data-based analyses of machines and equipment to optimise a manufacturer's entire production. 

Please also visit www.smart2i.cloud for more information.