Pigment.inc BV,  manufacturers of the Compress range of UV printers, has unveiled its new iUV350s price plan for 2020.

Compress is a leading manufacturer of Industrial UV printers and the iUV350s completes the outstanding flexibility of its existing iUV family and the first desktop version in its range – very competitively priced, the iUV dimensions enable it to be installed in tight workplaces by being able to fit through standard doorways allowing it to be operated in more locations with ease.  The iUV 350s is perfect for retail and manufacturing of small parts however its speed is equivalent to its bigger siblings the iUV 600s and 1200s models and delivers over 50% increase in Industrial speed and reliability.

UV 350 Front

Printing amazing high quality images and having 3D print capability with gloss effects. Prototyping and production can safely be run from the same printer – With a media height of 150mm and production speeds up to 150 sqf/ph. The iUV350s is perfect for premium quality photographic printing to acrylics and glass to simple bar coding or product marking on metal or plastic parts.  

The iUV350s is packed with Industrial features, a bed size of 600x 350mm and a media height of 150mm creates a usable work area, and the WIMs white ink system pressurises and circulates white ink for trouble free operation. Reduced maintenance and increased head stability is achieved with its dynamic UV ink range – Its very low odour and print flexibility is perfect for many applications across a broader substrate range – The water cooled Lamp system is customisable with adjustable heat and radiance which is a first for UV printers and not commonly seen on smaller desktop style printers.

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