Phone Cover

Cutting precision wasn’t the only impressive factor that led to Angel ordering his new fully specified Zünd Cutter G3 L-2500. During the demonstration, the team at Zund showed Angel how to increase productivity using the Zund twin cut technology. One of the benefits of the Zund Cutters is the ability to hold multiple tools on the beam, in this case two Kiss Cutting Tools KCT which work simultaneously to reduce cutting time by 50 %. This was a great added benefit for Easy Skins and meant productivity increased whilst maintaining optimum precision.

Reflecting back on his purchase, Angel said “Our new Zund cutter can cover all of our needs, with amazing quality cuts and productivity. I would like to thank the team at Zund for the brilliant customer service and technical support. Zund spent a lot of time listening to my requirements and working with me to create solutions which will help us take our business forward."

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