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Product / Service Description

Dissolved gas in inks and coatings can decrease yield and interrupt other production processes. The degassing and debubbling of inks and coatings is therefore crucial to improving these areas; reducing surface defects and ensuring production is never slowed or stopped altogether.

3M™ Liqui-Cel™ SP Series Membrane Contactors for inkjet printing, inks and coatings offers a simple, in-line solution to help keep printers and production lines running at optimal quality and speeds.

The degassing and debubbling of inks for printers helps to prevent nozzle misfires and poor drop formation that could lead to printer downtime, maintenance and poor print quality. In ink production, SP series membrane contactors are installed in filling steps to help prevent foaming. The paper industry has also made use of membrane contactors for the degassing and debubbling of coatings used on high quality papers to help alleviate defects.

Company Info

3M was founded in 1902 and is a multi-technology company that produces more than 55,000 products and holds more than 126.000 registered patents. Today, 3M has appr. 95,000 employees worldwide and operates in 70 countries with a focus on four core business areas: Health Care, Safety & Industrial, Transportation & Electronics and Consumer.

3M is a globally operating company
with more than 150 plants in 36 countries, R&D and application engineering labs in 50 countries and sales & marketing in 70 countries.


Our certified quality management system
is the basis for the permanent achievement of our most demanding goal: business excellence. And we do this day after day. After all, the process of quality management is never complete for 3M - but is always being further developed, consistently monitored and constantly improved. This is also documented by the certificates we have been awarded.

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